Rust  reduces the life span of any vehicle and can be expensive to repair.

Our climate exposes your vehicle to extreme temperatures.  This temperature ranges from hot and humid summer days to wet cold winters. This  plays havoc with metal seams and joints.


To make matters worse, the salt and calcium on our roads during winter increases the signs of vehicle aging much more quickly.


When rust takes hold of your vehicle, it undermines the structural integrity and negatively affects its appearance and value.



What can we do to help slow the rust down.

Under body treatments


We first jet wash the underside of the vehicle to remove any loose mud and dirt.

Then the vehicle is allowed to dry before we machine / hand wire bush all accessible areas that are showing signs of rust.

At this stage we will carry out an inspection to confirm the vehicle does not need any welding repairs completing.

Now we apply a rust "killer" coating to any badly corroded area.

When the "Rust converter" coating has dried we apply a top coat of your choice - either a traditional Waxoyl or the harder wearing raptor coating.

After the top coat is set we inject the insides of the chassis rails with cavity wax treatment. -(we do not drill the chassis but use existing holes

Price List

Vehicle Under Body
Doors (each)
Raptor Bulkhead
Defender 90
£45.00 £350.00 £75.00
Defender 110
£300.00 £45.00 £400.00 £75.00
Defender 130
£350.00 £45.00 £450.00 £75.00
Discovery 1
£300.00 £45.00 £400.00 £75.00
Discovery 2
£300.00 £45.00 £400.00
Discovery 3
£250.00 £60.00 £350.00
Discovery 4
£250.00 £60.00 £350.00
Discovery Sport
£60.00 £350.00
Freelander 1
£250.00 £45.00 £350.00
Freelander 2
£60.00 £350.00
P38 £300.00 £45.00 £400.00
L322 £300.00 £60.00 £400.00
L405 £300.00 £60.00 £400.00
Range Rover Sport
£250.00 £60.00 £350.00
Range Rover Sport (New)
£300.00 £60.00 £400.00
Evoque £250.00 £60.00 £350.00
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