Gearbox and Axle Oils


Gearbox and axle oils are often forgotten but these major components are expensive to repair.

Vehicle manufacturers often say that gearboxes and axles are “sealed for life”. This is normally untrue and the oils can be changed.


Just as the engine oil breaks down over time so do the other oils. Having operated since1994, we believe that axle and manual gearbox oils should be replaced every two or three years (24000 – 36000 m/s ) and automatic gearbox oil every 5 -6 years (60,000 – 72000 m/s).


An example of this is the automatic gearbox oil used in the Discovery 3 and Range Rover sport. Land Rover do not advice replacement until 150,000  m/s however the gearbox manufacturer advices between 50,000 – 70,000 m/s.



Please take the time to watch our videos about Automatic gearbox oil flushing and transmission oil changes.



Price List

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Model Prices
Discovery 2 Td5
Discovery 3 TDV6
Discovery 4 - 2.7lt
Discovery 4 - 3.0lt - six speed box only
Range Rover Sport TDV6 - 2.7lt
Range Rover Sport TDV6 - 3.0lt - six speed box only
Range Rover Sport TDV8
Range Rover TDV8 - 3.6lt
Range Rover Petrol - 4.4lt
Discovery 3 Petrol - 4.4lt

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