• Improved throttle response
  • Up to 30% more torque and more power
  • Fuel economy improvements
  • Smoother and enhanced power delivery
  • Release the hidden power of the engine
  • Smoother towing
  • Full use of upgrades already fitted
  • More FUN to drive



When a manufacturer develops a new car they have to take into consideration all of the conditions it may be subjected to in all of the regions that they intend to sell the model. This means instead of just optimising the ECU’s program or ‘map’ to deliver the best performance or the most fuel efficiency they have to make compromises to the map to take into account these potential differing operating conditions. These could include sub-standard fuels, extremes in temperature and altitude, differing emission laws and even the possibility that vehicle may not be serviced on a regular basis in accordance with the manufacturers recommended instructions.


ECU remapping is taking a read from the ECU’s processing chip, of the vehicles standard compromised map, and adjusting various parameters within the map such as fuel pressure, boost pressure (on turbocharged applications) ignition advance and throttle pedal control amongst others to release the true performance from the engine. It is a completely safe process as it is just giving the engine the performance it should have had in the first place before all the compromises were applied to the original programming. Every engine will have its own unique map and by adjusting this we can fine tune the characteristics of the engine; unleashing more power and in many cases reduce fuel consumption too.


We can remap your Land Rover for performance, increase torque for smoother towing, tune for better fuel economy or a combination of these.


In conjunction with our software supplier we have access to a four wheel rolling road for specialist tuning it get the best results from any performance upgrades you may have fitted.



Discovery 3 TDV6 - Example

Original BHP: 187/190


Economy Remap

Power Gain BHP: 28                             Torque Gain Nm: 54

Fuel Saving:        15 %

Performance Remap

Power + (Perf) BHP: 36

Torque + (Perf) Nm: 85



Check what can be improved on your Land Rover - Here

Models Prices
Discovery / Defender TD5 £250.00
Discovery 3 / Range Rover Sport TDV6 £299.00
Freelander 2 TD4 £299.00
Range Rover / Range Rover Sport TDV8 £399.00
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