“I need my Land Rover plugged in to your computer as it has a fault.”

This is a regular request from customers. They are hoping the “computer” will tell us how to rectify faults ranging from poor running to a noise "like a hair drier”

If only it was that easy.


We spend £1000’s each year on both new diagnostic equipment and access to technical information.

Here is a sample of the equipment we use:


Autologic Diagnostic machines.

Land Rover Symptom Driven Diagnostics - as used by the main dealers.

Smoke machine to locate leaks in inlet systems.

High pressure fuel pump tester.


Electronic listening device - To help locate noises in transmissions etc.

Access to Land Rover Topix – For technical information and wiring diagrams.

Access to a dedicated Land Rover technical support team.


We have the equipment, access to the information required and the important skill level to diagnose and repair Land Rover vehicles old and new.


These tools alone will not do the job, and often can only provide a guide to the fault, and allow us to take readings of system outputs which would otherwise be impossible to check.


Our technicians have all been trained on the correct use of these tools and regularly attend courses to update their knowledge as the vehicles and diagnostic equipment advances.


This all prevents the expensive costs which can occur from improper use or misreading of these kind of diagnostic tools.